WINNER of TWO 2008-2009 Ovation Awards!
Production of a Musical  - Intimate Theatre
Choreography - Lee Martino

Also Nominated for:
Director of a Musical  - Nick DeGruccio
Lighting Design, Intimate Theatre - Steven Young
Lead Actor in a Musical - Chad Borden

#1 in TOP TEN OF 2008 – Frontiers Magazine (Les Spindle)

"Electrifying visceral experience!"
"Emotional resonance and musical splendor — a serendipitous marvel."
Back Stage West (Les Spindle)


"This 'Spider Woman' weaves a theatrical web of rare professionalism;
catch her before she disappears for another decade!"
IN Magazine LA (Christopher Cappiello)

Chad Borden as "Molina" & Daniel Tatar as "Valentin"                                                              Terra Macleod as "Spider Woman"

LA Weekly says...
"A terrific production with a fine cast!  Moving!"
(Neal Weaver)

Jeffrey Parsons, Salvatore Vassallo, Terra Macleod as "Spider Woman", Shell Bauman, Mike Motroni

Stage Scene LA says..."WOW!"
"This once-in-a-dozen-years production ought to top anyone’s list of must-sees. People will be talking, and raving for months to come."
(Steven Stanley)


Chad Borden as "Molina", Terra Macleod as "Spider Woman", Daniel Tatar as "Valentin"

ROAR OF THE CROWD! - Goldstar Events
Highest audience-rated event of the week! (10/09/08)

      Terra Macleod & Chad Borden                                   Mike Motroni, Daniel Tatar, Jeffrey Parsons, Oskar Rodriguez

"Magnificent!  Flawless!  5 Stars!" - Grigware Talks Theatre

Based on the novel by Manuel Puig, "Kiss of the Spider Woman" revamps a harrowing tale of persecution into a dazzling spectacle that juxtaposes gritty realities with liberating fantasies. Thrown together in a Latin American prison, Valentin is a tough revolutionary being tortured for political information, and Molina is an unabashed homosexual serving eight years for deviant behavior. Molina shares his fantasies about a movie actress named Aurora with Valentin to help him mentally escape from the horrors of the prison. One of Aurora’s movie roles is a Spider Woman who kills with a kiss. Two unlikely cellmates, Valentin and Molina play a breathless cat-and-mouse game as they struggle to survive.

Director Nick DeGruccio and Choreographer Lee Martino create an intimate chamber piece with this brilliant musical, accompanied by a live six-member orchestra, bringing the action of the show literally close enough to touch.

Jeffrey Parsons, Oskar Rodriguez, Salvatore Vassallo, Terra Macleod, Hector Guerrero, Shell Bauman, Mike Motroni

"STUNNNING!  One of the year's finest!" - Frontiers Magazine

Produced by 

Bootleg Theatre
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA  90057

                          Ed F. Martin & Chad Borden                          Shell Bauman, Mike Motroni, Terra Macleod, Jeffrey Parsons, Salvatore Vassallo

Daniel Tatar & Zarah Mahler                                                           Chad Borden & Eileen Barnett

Photos by Michael Lamont





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